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Client List

Our clients mean everything to us. Please do not redistribute this list or use it for any other purpose than to view Theo's broad design capabilities and to query our client's satisfaction.

Bau-Xi Gallery Contemporary Fine Art
Bau-Xi Photo Gallery
Beckett Fine Art LimitedONTARIOCANADA
Canada House
Candler Art GalleryAlbertaCanada
Casa Home Decor
Darlene Bigus DohenyLAUSA
Deborah Kuschner Works on PaperUpstate New YorkChelsea London SW1
Dorian Rae Collection
Elins Eagles Smith GalleryCaliforniaUSA
Elliott Louis Gallery
Foster White Gallery, Seattle
Frank Lloyd GalleryCAUSA
Galerie d'AvignonQcCanada
Galerie Elca LondonQuebecCanada
Gallery 71NYUSA
Gallery on the LakeONCanada
George Krevsky GalleryUSA
Granville Fine ArtBCCanada
Granville Fine ArtBCCanada
Gunnar Nordstrom GalleryWAUSA
Hambleton GalleriesBCCanada
Hanson Galleries
Hespe Gallery
Howard Scott GalleryNew York
Jenkins Showler Gallery
Katharine Mulherin Contemporary ArtOntarioCANADA
Keystone Art GalleryAlbertaCanada
Kinsman Robinson GalleriesOntarioCanada
Lacoste GalleryMAUSA
Lotton GalleryILUSA
Open Studio
Pacific Gallery
Richard Heller GalleryCAUSA
Roberts GalleryONCanada
Roberts GalleryONCanada
Sandra Ainsley GalleryONCanada
Stephen Bulger Gallery
Stephen Daiter GalleryILU.S.A.
Steven Wolf Fine Arts
Stricoff Fine Art Ltd.
The Artophile Gallery
The Collectors' Gallery of ArtABCanada
The Galleries Downtown
The Gallery on MainAlbertaCanada
Trias GalleryOntarioCanada
Trinity GalleriesNew BrunswickCanada
Turtle Island Gallery
Whistler Contemporary Gallery
Woodlands GalleryMBCanada
Your Theo Demo Galleryprovcoutry