Theo Gallery Business Solution - Gallery Website and Gallery Inventory Software

Theo Digital Gallery Welcome to Theo GBS

with Theo GBS you can:

  • Add inventory & update website
  • Simple webpage templates for quick update of gallery site by webmaster
  • Complete Multi-media:
  • Add Images
    • Multiple images highlight artwork details for enhanced viewing
    • Images displayed on your website are automatically sized to fit
  • Add Videos
    • converts to Adobe™ Flashfor easy viewing
    • showcase your artists, work and bio
    • display three dimensional artwork
    • sell video artwork
    • promote videos of your gallery events
  • Add Adobe™Photoshop Documents:
    • Exhibition press releases
    • Quickly publish current artists bio’s online
    • Catalogue artists press
    • Promote press related to your inventory & exhibitions
    • Attach artwork catalogues for exhibitions
Gallery Promotion
  • Manage your collector/contact database, including artist’s collected and preferences
  • Send Digital Photo Pack email communications to individual inquiries, select categories or to your full contact list.Save time by pulling artwork images & information from your web site
  • DPP emails are personalized and individually sent to each client so there is only one email address on the email
  • Sending to your entire collector list doesn't hold up your computer or upset your ISP: the Theo server does the distribution for you
  • Embedded images link directly to larger versions on your web site
Business Management
  • Create invoices, work orders, commission tracking
  • Google-like searching for inventory, artists, collectors, events, sales, orders
  • Universal access to gallery inventory giving convenience while traveling, at home, in a collector’s home or in gallery
  • Advanced searching for business analysis lists and reports.
  • Easily store, view, change & update price lists of individual artists and update automatically all changes.
  • Quick sourcing of collector information for product promotion or replying to requests
  • Set, secure and control your gallery computer users and accounts
  • Easily backup gallery data daily adding business security and reliability
  • All client information separated and protected on Theo’s GBS highly secure server platform
build business
save time
increase profit
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